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Shyam returned from a week in Boston.


This is tricky.

What is the average age of this class?

Did I have a choice?

I gave him the morning off.

Actually, there are many cases where 'have [object] done' is not causative.

There should be more sentences in minority languages in Tatoeba.

I think about you often.

Alice wasn't present at the meeting, was she?

Meet me here again next Monday afternoon at 2:30.


You won't believe who came by today.

As I see it, that is the best way.

A boy of seventeen is often as tall as his father.

I finally feel like I am adjusting now.

Oh, how dark and weary the whole world appeared!

She's a nun.

Please keep me informed.


I'll take my coffee black.

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Money begets money.


He had almost no formal education.

Those is going to pick me up at 6:00.

His noble deed deserves praise indeed.

What makes you think I don't like Maurice?

The last thing we want to do is to forget to pay our bills.


This is like bringing water to the sea.

I'm not sure there's a problem.

Where was Blaine last night?

The boy is behind a tree in the garden.

I'm just as confounded as you are.

He's lucky to be alive.

Willie was stuck in traffic.


The fundamental character traits of this woman were pride, decisiveness, and courage.

He has more money than he can spend.

I was just going to get some lunch.

He asked the first person he met near the village.

Greg forgot to mention that.


The only thing that remains unknown to man is man himself.


She wears the same kind of clothes as her sister wears.


You're a waste of breath!


She pretended not to see me.

We don't want to be any trouble.

The silence of the night comforts us.


We'll convince Timo.


There was nothing you could have done.

Darci doesn't want to take a chance.

Niels, I have something to tell you.


Hartmann's smile vanished instantly.


Stop bugging me, I'm going to do it!

Tell Ilya you'd like something to eat.

How could you not remember?

Why did Mark come?

And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

That's because you're a girl.

Our fans deserve our best.

You've got to help me.

"We have carried the day, Sir!" exclaimed the adjutant to the general as the heavy cavalry smashed through the opposing lines.

Stop taking pictures. You look like a tourist.

He would never lie to me.


Gilles showed off his new cellphone.

I can give them a message.

And now a word from our sponsor.


I stopped smoking once and for all.

Just relax. Everything's going to be all right.

Linda is still a high school student.

I'll go tell them the good news.

Sal is not the one you should be worried about.

I prefer the blue one over the red one.

I don't know where your bicycle is.


We've been looking for them.

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Ross asked Jorge if she could do him a favor.

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I tried to get up at six this morning.

I love when things start falling into place.

Don't tell Narendra about the party.


The newly elected president is something of a poet.

The bus burst into flames.

This isn't going to fix anything.

Nobody is born learned.

What kind of man was he?


A smile may convey understanding, joy, or an appreciation of humor.

We must fight to the death.

His resignation as Prime Minister came as a surprise.

A car drew up in front of my house.

I came here to give you something.


Tim sure does burp a lot.

Did Perry let you do what you wanted?

She is due to speak for the class.

I'm here looking for work.

My girlfriend suffers from osteoporosis.

I can do it without you.

An exception is a thing which takes the liberty to differ from other things of its class, as an honest man, a truthful woman, etc.

I'm waiting for a friend.

This is priceless.


You are not going to welcome the guests.

Use your weapons.

Leave us some sentences to translate.

Could I speak to Manavendra?

It took Gregory an hour to load everything on the truck.

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Certainly, Aunt Wealthy was no slave to fashion.


I don't have much to spend.

She survived her husband by ten years.

I sent them home to Boston.

You have a very impressive resume.

Let's go hiking this weekend.

He tapped me on the shoulder.

That play was popular.

I'm not looking forward to this.

Your shelf is full of books.

Bobbie and Mats arrived at the same time.

I'm too lazy to do my homework.

Axel reminds me a lot of John.

Are you related to Nhan?

Two families live in the same house.

He determined to finish it alone.

Don't touch your wound.

That cake looks good.


The clouds opened and the sun shone through.


I think we should call Lisa.

No living man all things can.

I really don't want to go to Boston with Victor.

Why did you take a cab?

We've got to hurry.

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He went back home.


This is the house where my father was born and brought up.


I should've asked Takeuchi for advice.

I don't have as much free time as I used to.

She meant no harm.

Thank you for stopping by.

The battle lasted a week.

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We celebrate the Star Festival in July.

He is too old.

We need to buy a little time here.

Has anyone in your family ever been arrested?

Only afterwards did it hurt.

The politician was not ashamed of having taken bribes.

It's perfectly safe here.


She waited for 10 minutes.


Here's a restaurant I often eat at.

Metin wouldn't stop badgering me.

Deirdre is taking care of me.

I didn't do anything special.

I was walking in the direction of the town.

Rogue seemed to take it personally.

Don't go above five rubles.

This is an archaism.

The streetlight over there is broken.


We have forgotten to sign up!

Spass has a beautiful voice.

Whose place is this?

It is too small a hat for you.

Ricardo cringed in pain.

I'm interested in oriental pottery.

The mason is having lunch in his truck.

Svante can't forget the day he met Belinda.

The students are currently on holiday.

The house is on the most level part of the ground.

I've corrected the mistake.

She tried to touch the golden crane.

One of my hobbies is making artificial flowers.

I'd like to make a reservation for next Monday.

Barry can eat and drink anything she wants and still stay skinny.

She's planning a trip.

Our committee consists of ten members.

On a long flight you should get up every once in a while to stretch your legs.

A long time ago, there was a bridge here.